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You need an individual gift, quick and easy to get? It takes you only a few steps to buy and create a YOUNiiK Gift Card!

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Buying and redeeming of the YOUNiiK Gift Card are very simple. The value of the gift coupon is being assigned by yourself. You may either print the YOUNiiK Gift Card and give it away as hard copy, or - in case it's really high time - you may send it as a PDF file via e-mail to the recipient.

For creating a YOUNiiK Gift Card, different designs as well as gift coupons or folded cards in different standard paper-size are available. In case you prefer to use an own gift coupon, just add the code of the YOUNiiK Gift Card onto your personally styled card and give this away.
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When buying a YOUNiiK, the YOUNiiK Gift Card has the same function as any other supported payment method. In case the purchase price is lower than the value of the YOUNiiK Gift Card, the surplus remains as a credit on the YOUNiiK Gift Card and can be used for the next shopping with the same YOUNiiK Gift Card code. In case the value of the YOUNiiK Gift Card does not cover the purchase price, the missing amount can be paid by using one of the supported payment methods.